Tips for Setting Up a More Secure Wi-Fi Hotspot

As individuals become more connected to the world through the growing number of devices and endless technological advances, the need for and availability of Wi-Fi connections has grown. For hotels, providing guests with Wi-Fi access has become the norm. However, a growing number of cyber-attacks are targeting free Wi-Fi access, increasing the risks for both your hotel and your guests.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots provide users with a free and convenient connection to their social networks, emails or online banking. However, these connections can also be accessed by hackers if the Wi-Fi is not secured. A Norton Report found that 68% of public and unsecured Wi-Fi users fell victim to cybercrime. While not all cyber-attacks can be prevented, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk that your public hotspot will be hacked.

Public Hotspot Safety Tips

Set Up a Hotspot Gateway
Most businesses split their networks, providing separate networks for the business and guests. This is a good step to keep the public away from your sensitive business data. However in order to keep the guest network safe, it is important to set up a hotspot gateway. Hotspot gateways provide an extra layer of security by directing the connection from a device to your network through an online portal. This portal lets you set up firewalls, content filters and even terms & conditions, which provide you with some extra legal protection.

Change Passwords Frequently
Giving out the same “Guest123” password to every guest might be convenient, but it greatly increases the number of users that have access to your network. Changing passwords reduces the chances of guests or unwanted users continuing to use your network.

Adjust the Wi-Fi Signal Strength
Much like changing your password, adjusting the signal strength of your Wi-Fi hotspot will limit the amount of unwanted users. By reducing the strength to cover only your business, you can limit use to guests of your hotel and keep out the hacker trying to connect from the coffee shop next door.

Taking these precautions can help reduce your exposure for a cyber-attack while also providing your guests with a safer connections. For information on our Cyber Liability Coverage, please contact one of our Commercial Insurance Advisors.